Medical & Health Professionals

I specialise in offering counselling to health professionals who are struggling with work-life balance, past trauma, health anxiety, separation or emotional issues in their personal lives.

  • Are you a doctor, consultant, paramedic, paediatrician, surgeon, midwife, nurse, therapist,  physiotherapist, social worker, occupational therapist or other health professional?
  • Or are you struggling while training as a health professional or medical student. 


It can be difficult to find the right help when you work as a medical professional. You can often feel that you are suppposed to have all the answers knowing the job you do. Doctors and medical students with mental health problems often feel isolated and as if they are the only one with a problem. This can have a negative impact on your confidence professionally and in your personal life.

Having worked extensively with GP's, consultants and nurses, helps me to have a wide understanding of your working environment and the pressures that can be put on to you. As well as the high levels of stress and the demanding nature of work.