Children & Young People Counselling

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Many children and young people often have times where they are overwhelmed with their emotions. Counselling allows children to explore their feelings and the issues that are troubling them.


They may be having problems with friends, family or school, often anxious, depressed, angry or scared, and need to talk to someone, but they find it difficult to talk to people they know. They may be experiencing parental separation, anger, loss of a family member or parental issues.

The end goal is always the same: to help children better understand their thoughts and emotions, and develop techniques to help them cope with life’s ups and downs.

Counselling can help by giving them an opportunity to talk and explore their feelings, in a safe and confidential space and without judgement. Helping them share any worries or problems that they may have, and aiding them to help change their thoughts and behaviours, which will help build up self esteem and confidence. Being able to talk to someone outside of the family can help your child to build trust, feel heard, and feel safe whilst trying to  make sense of the world they live in.              

It can be difficult for children and young adults to trust someone, but as a experienced children and young adults counsellor, we use talking therapy adapted to the childs age, which can be done through therapeutic play, painting, play doh, sand tray work and lego. Children often like being creative, and we are trained to try and make sense of what they are saying without words. Talking therapies for children can be adapted through story, we can also teach them to recognise their emotions and triggers.  

Building a rapport with the young adult and allowing them the confidential space, so that they are able to talk about things that are confusing, painful or uncomfortable. Counselling allows them to explore their thoughts and feelings, and help empower them to develop better coping strategies and build up resilience. 

As every child is individual, with their own personality and different levels of maturity, our counselling and therapy is tailored to their particular needs to help them explore and understand their struggles.

Teenagers and young adults.

Counselling can be helpful for teenagers and their families who have experienced difficult life events, or whose symptoms are impacting their everyday lives. Counselling gives them a safe space where they can explore questions around sexuality, body image, peer pressure and social bullying. Counselling can help them to explore those feelings, and allow them to open up.



Some issues that may be worrying children/ young adults include anxiety, depression, anger, bullying, friendship issues, parental separtions, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, anger, bereavement, confusion about sexuality, self harm, exam stress, OCD, eating disorder, body image, self esteem, health issues.