About me and qualifications

Fiona Adams

As a counsellor and psychotherapist using cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), I find that changes can often be noticed quite quickly. I also bring into the session a wide range of various other techniques including mindfulness, psychodynamic, solution focused therapy, ACT, inner child, attachment theory and anger managment. But I also have a vast amount of other counselling techniques to use if needed. 

This allows me to effectively adapt a session to what you need, which can help you to have more awareness on your thoughts and feelings and what drives you to be the way you. You will also start to make positive changes as we work towards your goals, helping you to cope better with your day to day life, your relationship with others and start to treat yourself more kinder.

Our session will allow you to feel safe and our confidential space will allow you to open up more freely, to be heard and listened to and for me to give non judgmental support. 

  • Emotionally Focused Family Therapy Level 2 2022
  • Emotionally Focused Family Therapy Level 1 2022
  • Trauma Informed Practices Training Level 1 2022
  • Helping clients who dissociate 2022
  • Anxiety Helping children to cope 2021
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy  2021
  • Introducing trauma in the womb 2021
  • Couples Therapy Workshop 2021
  • Playful Narrative Therapy Cert 2021
  • Theraplay (family therapy) 2021
  • Managing suicide risk and self harm 2021
  • Working with health anxiety 2021
  • Psychodynamic Bridging course 2020
  • Infertility Counselling in Licensed Settings Cert 2020
  • Working with shame CPD 2020
  • Domestic Abuse CPD 2020
  • Rewind Technique 2019
  • Chronic Pain and CFC counselling CPD 2019
  • Foundation Degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy (CBT)  2019
  • NSPCC Safeguarding Cert   2019
  • Couples Counselling in Practice  CPD  2019
  • PTSD Trauma & Beyond CPD  2019
  • Horticultural Therapy CPD  2019
  • Working with survivors of sexual abuse  CERT  2018
  • Understanding Self Harm  CPD 2018
  • Resource Based Therapy Cert 2016
  • CBT Level 4 Diploma 2015
  • Motivations Interviewing Cert 2014
  • Positive Therapy Cert 2014
  • Solution Focused Brief  Therapy  Cert 2014
  • Anger Management  Level 2     2006
  • Anger Management  Level 1     2005
  • Introductions to Counselling Skills Cert   2005