Fertility issues, pregnancy and Baby Loss counselling

Infertility is one of the most distressing experiences for anyone planning to start a family.  It is often a shock, threatening hopes and dreams and shattering the future that you expected to have as a family.

That very personal journey  can feel a lonely and long road. With emotion swinging from hope to lows when the period comes or the embryo did not take.  Trying to act happy when your best friend is pregnant and you are struggling with the mix of emotions you feel when seeing your friend. 

Counselling through this journey can help relieve some of the loneliness and allow you to be able to talk openly about how you are feeling, or about any worries or concerns about your relationship with your husband/ partner.

Pregnancy loss, miscarriage, stillbirth and death of baby soon after birth (neonatal death).

Sadly some babies are lost during pregnancy, birth, or shortly afterwards. Everyone grieves differently about the loss, with a wide range of emotions including anger and guilt. Some people benefit from speaking openly to a counsellor to help process the loss.

For many people, death is difficult to talk about, and the loss of babies who die before they are born is a subject that’s rarely discussed in everyday life. The result is that those around you may be unsure how to best support and care for you.

There may be a funeral to organise and you and partner are still in shock over the loss. Talking to a counsellor can help when you are struggling to find a way to communicate what is going on for you at the moment. Couples will grieve differently and might find it hard to understand each others and meet each other need.


Pregnancy should feel the happiest time, but for some who have had previous miscarriages or still birth, this is can be an extremely stressful and worrying time, with feeling fearful about any pain or twinge. Feeling a lack of control over your life and of helplessness. Feeling guilty for not being as happy as you think you should be and instead feeling anxious and fearful. 

As a counsellor I am here to offer an open and safe space to talk to someone. Helping with looking at the intense feelings you may have and find ways to understand them. Even talking about any trauma that  may have occured during the time of loss.